Ovos Pommer

An amazing job, that we had the opportunity to make!
With an incredible soundtrack + friends and professionals in the team!


Check the final result, and process too ;)


Advertising Agency: @agenciablancolima 
Animation Script: @sublime.studio 
Animation Direction: @rafaelfolk 
Animation: @guilhermenau e @rafaelfolk 
Art Direction: @rafaelfolk
Jingle: Mellodi Produções

The agency Blanco Lima asked me to create an animation based on this really cool Jingle/Music.


Then I started some researchs on internet, to get creative way on how would I offer a good and fun way to solution it. Also, a meeting with my mate Jeferson (Sublime Studios) was crucial for the mood of the project! Thanks!

Ok, I've got the idea.. but I Asked myself: How does chicken dance? Would it work them dancing?

I then came to a visual solution based on "Chicken Run" movie, and I made this video to check the result:

I Though: great! I think it works pretty well! I presented it to the agency, and they liked it too!

So, now was time for some sketches and concepts:


But before the final arts, I needed to create an animatic to see if they would fit the jingle and pace of the music. Here's part of it:

Ok, they're working! I sent it to Agency, and with a few adjustments, it was now time for the concepts, that I later turned into an video with static (approved) frames. Also, with the divided scenes to Guilherme Nau and me to animate

And finally, the final result you've already seen in the beggining of this post
Yeah! Everyone happy and chickens dancing all around


Hope you like it too!

If you have any question about the process, or suggestions, please fell free to comment below

Rafael Folk